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Watermelons For Sale ~ Trinidad, B.W.I.

Watermelons for Sale - Trinidad. B.W.I. pg. 1

Watermelons for Sale - Trinidad. B.W.I. pg. 2

This vintage postcard from my grandparents' collection is a Tichnor Brothers, Inc. Postcard showing a scene in Trinidad.

My maternal grandparents and their family
immigrated to the United States from Brazil in July of 1952.  They traveled on the ocean liner The S.S. Brazil.  Trinidad was one of the ports of call on their ocean voyage.  The photo below was taken during their port of call in Trinidad.

Trinidad July 1952
July 1952

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  1. I like how the postcard and the photo give us two different views of Trinidad - a quaint and quiet little fruit stand vs the hustle-bustle of a busy street.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Yes, there is quite a contrast between the two scenes isn't there? Thank you for stopping by!


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