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Smit's Service Station in South Dakota

Smit's Service Station - South Dakota O'Neill Co. Vintage Postcard

Smit's Service Station - South Dakota O'Neill Co. Vintage Postcard

"Fill Up Your Tank And Your Tummy Too At Smit's Service." That's what the sign says on the roof of the white building in this photo postcard published by O'Neill Photo Co.

I really love this postcard. My grandparents, Debs and Willis Webster, and their family must have purchased this photo postcard during their cross-country trip in the summer of 1952.

In July of 1952, they immigrated to the United States from Brazil, traveling on the ocean liner SS Brazil. Sometime after their arrival in New York, the Webster family bought a car and some camping equipment and traveled across the United States toward their final destination in Southern California.

My mom remembers that during this trip they traveled through Badlands National Park and visited Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota.

It was difficult to figure out where the photo in this postcard was taken. The closest location I can come up with is Geddes, South Dakota. The writing at the bottom of the postcard looks like it says "Gedds, So. Dak." or "Geods, So. Dak." but those places don't exist. But, there is a Geddes, South Dakota.

The red pin on this Google Map is where Geddes, South Dakota is located. It's east of the Missouri River. The red arrow is pointing to Badlands National Park. And the blue arrow is pointing to the approximate location of Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

The postcard also has the words "Wheeler Bridle" or "Wheeler Bridge" written on it. Interestingly, there is a North Wheeler Recreation Area located at 2908 N. Wheeler Road in Geddes, South Dakota.

I searched for 2908 N. Wheeler Road in Geddes, South Dakota in Google Maps and this is what I found. The red pin is where this address is located, near North Wheeler Recreation Area.

I'm so glad my grandparents purchased and then saved so many postcards from their travels.

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