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Rio De Janeiro, A Good Neighbor City

Rio De Janeiro, A Good Neighbor City pg. 1

Rio De Janeiro, A Good Neighbor City pg. 2

This is a beautiful linen vintage postcard that was designed and produced by Harry H. Baumann. It shows Copacabana Beach at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

The postcard was sent to my maternal grandfather, Debs Warren Webster. My grandfather and his family emigrated from Brazil to the United States in 1952. If you'd like to read about their immigration story, click HERE.

This postcard was dated January 1953. It was from Oscar and Flavia. Unfortunately, I'm not really sure who Oscar and Flavia were. They could have been friends of my grandparents or perhaps relatives of my Grandma Willis Quillin Webster, who was my Grandpa Debs' second wife.

I asked my mom, who was born in Brazil and speaks Portuguese, if she could translate the message on the postcard. Essentially, this is what the message says:

Campinas, January 1953
Dear Websters,
We received your delightsome card. We send you wishes that you enjoyed a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We arrived home and already miss this country. [My mom thinks they were referring to the United States after visiting here.] We hope to receive news from you quickly and then we will answer quickly. Hugs and longing.
Much happiness and with our love,
Oscar and Flavia
It sounds like Oscar and Flavia visited my grandparents here in America and sent them this postcard after they returned to Brazil. This postcard was sent from Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Postcard Description:
COPACABANA BEACH…Travelers aboard the Moore-McCormack Good Neighbor Fleet have ample opportunity to swim and play on this loveliest of all beaches.
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  1. How unusual to type a postcard. The signatures certainly are neat, so bad handwriting couldn't be the reason for typing.

    1. How true Wendy! I wonder why they typed their message. Thanks for stopping by!


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