Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Almond Blossoms In California

Almond Blossoms in California Pg. 1

Almond Blossoms in California Pg. 2

This vintage postcard from my grandparents' collection was manufactured by the Longshaw Card Company of Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, I don't know the date this beautiful postcard was published.

Transcription from back of postcard:

In the romantic beauty of acres of blossoming orchards 17,000 tons of almonds are produced yearly in California.
I did a little research to see how many almonds are produced in California today. I found some interesting statistics. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times dated January 12, 2014, 82% of the world's almonds are produced in California. Also, the article stated that according to the Almond Board of California, 1.88 billion pounds of almonds were harvested in California in 2013. That's a lot of almonds!

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  1. Jana, that what springtime usually looks like around here! We are surrounded by almond orchards...and walnut trees, too! California's Central Valley provides a good proportion of that 82% of the world's almonds...IF we get enough water to keep it going!

    1. Hi Jacqi,

      Yep! We have blossoms on the trees here already. And there are many orchards outside of town. And oh boy! Do we need water, like you mentioned. It's really sad right now for the farmers and orchard owners. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Until now I've never even thought about what an almond tree looks like. The blossoms look like cherry blossoms. I'm used to pecan trees and walnut trees and peanuts that grow like beans. None of these nuts do what those almond trees do.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      I don't know that I've ever seen an almond tree in person, sad to say. But I did look online and wow are they pretty! Thanks for stopping by!


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