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Union Station at Night ~ Los Angeles, California

Union Station at Night, Los Angeles, California Pg. 1

Union Station at Night, Los Angeles, California Pg. 2

This is a 1941 Curt Teich "C.T. Art-Colortone" linen vintage postcard. It was published by the Western Publishing & Novelty Co., Los Angeles, California.

The postcard shows Union Station in Los Angeles, California. Union Station opened in May of 1939 and is still in use today. In fact, according to an article on Wikipedia, Union Station is "…the largest railroad passenger terminal in the Western United States." Union Station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

I found this awesome photo of Union Station on the Wikimedia Commons website. Union Station is the red-roofed building in the foreground of the photo.

Union Station - Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Basil D. Soufi

At the bottom left side of the front of the postcard are the words: "Terminal Annex Post Office in Background." It looks like this refers to the white or cream building just to the left of Union Station.

I did an online search for the Terminal Annex Post Office and found an article on Wikipedia. The article stated that the building was completed in 1940. It also said that it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

This is a picture of the Terminal Annex Post Office building.

Terminal Annex Post Office Building - Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Los Angeles

The typed description from the back of the postcard says:
Typical of California, beautiful and spacious, the Los Angeles Union Station is one of the most attractive in the country. Built at a cost of $11,000,000, in a setting of unusual beauty, it typifies to visitors, the charm and hospitality of Los Angeles and Southern California.
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  1. The Mexican influence on the architecture is what I think of when I try to picture California. Union Station is far more interesting than that skyscraper.

    1. Union Station is a pretty building, isn't it? I've never been there myself. It's neat that it's been preserved all these years and is still in use today.

      Thanks for stopping by Wendy!

  2. I love the traditional red tile roof. I am always glad when they keep a building and aren't so quick to tear down and replace it with a brass and glass building.

    Maybe you have covered this in your blog and I've missed it, but did he collect post cards from all of the places that he visited or did people send them to him? How many post cards are there in the collection? It's really fun to see the variety of post cards.

    1. Yes, it's awesome when buildings from a bygone era are preserved.

      Regarding my grandparents' vintage postcard collection, there are some that were sent to them, but the majority are blank postcards, so I assume they bought them either during their travels or from their newly adopted home and surroundings in California.

      Offhand, I'm not really sure how many postcards are in the collection. They are in a binder inside archival safe sleeves. Thanks for stopping by Michelle!


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