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Villa Riviera and Pacific Coast Club ~ Long Beach, California

Villa Riviera and Pacific Coast Club, Long Beach, California Pg. 1

Villa Riviera and Pacific Coast Club, Long Beach, California Pg. 2

This is a 1941 Curt Teich "C.T. Art-Colortone" vintage postcard from my grandparents' collection. It was published by the Western Publishing & Novelty Co., Los Angeles, California.

The postcard shows the Villa Riviera and Pacific Coast Club in Long Beach, California. I did a little research online and found that the Villa Riviera (the tall building in the postcard) officially opened in 1929 as a hotel. Today it houses condominiums. The building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. You can read more about the Villa Riviera building, including the building's history by clicking HERE and HERE.

This is a picture of the Villa Riviera building found on the Wikimedia Commons website. The photo was taken in 2009.

Villa Riviera Building
Wikimedia Commons
Author: Los Angeles

From what I read online, the Pacific Coast Club pictured on this vintage postcard is no longer standing. It was demolished in 1988.

Typed description from back of postcard:
Long Beach is justly proud of one of the finest and most popular bathing beaches on the California Coast. Many fine hotels, apartment houses, beach clubs, and homes, front on this delightful shore, in full view to the resort activities.
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  1. The postcard gives the impression that buildings were constructed right at the water's edge. Is that true?

    Isn't the Villa Riviera a gorgeous building?! I imagine those are some pricey condos with amazing views.

    1. Unfortunately, I don't know if the buildings were actually on the water's edge or not.

      I agree with you about the Villa Riviera building. It really is gorgeous! And I'll bet the condos do cost a pretty penny to rent or purchase. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. That is really a beautiful building. It is starting to cool off here and just looking at those people having fun in the water makes me ache for one more month of summer. I will have to ask my parents about this building. We lived in Long Beach when I was little, but I was too little to remember it.

    1. Oh! Your family lived in Long Beach? How fun! As for the weather, as I'm writing this it is overcast outside. A far cry from the upper 90s - 100+ degree temps we have here in the summer. Thanks for stopping by Michelle!


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