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The Temple At Midnight

This is a postcard that was sent to my maternal grandparents in January of 1954. I've blurred the name and address of the sender for privacy reasons. But here's the message they wrote on January 24, 1954:
Dear friends,
Thank you for your fine Christmas card and message. Father is progressing. He went to meeting this morning. When you are in Salt Lake come to see us again.
Best wishes,
In the summer of 1952, my grandparents and their family emigrated from Brazil to the United States. They had joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the early 1950s. My grandparents and their family traveled to the United States on the ocean liner S.S. Brazil. They arrived in New York City on July 22, 1952 and remained there until the end of July. They bought a car and some camping equipment and traveled across the United States toward their final destination in California. You can read more about their immigration adventures by clicking HERE.

One of the states they visited was Utah. My grandparents and their family stopped to visit the sender of this postcard during their trip to California.

The picture on this postcard shows the LDS Cardston Alberta Temple.

The Cardston Alberta Temple is located in Cardston, Alberta, Canada. The temple was announced on June 27, 1913. Groundbreaking for the temple took place on July 27, 1913. And the temple was dedicated about ten years later on August 26, 1923.

I found some pictures of the Cardston Alberta Temple online and thought I'd share them here.

These are from the Wikimedia Commons website. The first two are captioned “Laying of last stone on Mormon Temple at Cardston, Alberta, Sunday, Sept. 23. Photo A.” and “Laying of last stone on Mormon Temple at Cardston, Alberta, Sunday, Sept. 23. Photo B.” respectively. They both are dated 1917.

Wikimedia Common - No Copyright
Public Domain

Wikimedia Common - No Copyright
Public Domain

It's really cool to see these historic photos of this temple.

The photo below shows the Cardston Alberta Temple in modern times. The photo was taken in 2011.

Photo by Matthias Suben

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  1. What a contrast between the construction site and the lush lawn in the last photo.

    1. Very true Wendy! Isn't it fun to have these old photographs to compare? Thanks for stopping by!


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