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Picturesque Long Island Waterfront

Picturesque Long Island Waterfront pg. 1

Picturesque Long Island Waterfront pg. 2

This vintage postcard was sent to my maternal grandfather, Debs Warren WebsterIt's a "Plastichrome" color photo postcard showing a harbor on Long Island's North Shore. The photo was taken by Milt Price, Northport, N. Y., and was published by the Tomlin Art Company. The postmark/cancel date on this vintage postcard is March 27, 1953.

Transcription from back of postcard:

Typed Description of Postcard Image:

PICTURESQUE LONG ISLAND WATERFRONT. Rowboats and yachts of all descriptions can be found in this sheltered deepwater harbor on Long Island's famous North Shore.

Handwritten Message:
My Dear Folks,
Very shortly will write you. Have never had such a busy winter. Have some snap shots to send & also a page, in newspaper, about Brazil to send that think you would enjoy. We are both well & rushing about daily. Our Long Island is growing very fast & so many people coming here to live & so many house (sic) being built.
Love to all,
Thought you folks would be here before now
Unfortunately, I'm not sure who Helen is or how she knew my maternal grandfather, Debs Warren Webster. In the summer of 1952, my grandfather, Debs, and his family emigrated from Brazil to the United States. The family arrived in New York, purchased a car and some camping equipment, and then traveled across the country toward their final destination in Southern California. Perhaps they stopped to visit Helen before they left for California.

I think it's interesting that Helen said, "Our Long Island is growing very fast…." According to
an article in Wikipedia, the population of Long Island in 1950 was 5,237,918. In 2012, the population was listed as 7,686,912.

I also think it's interesting that Helen added that she thought my grandparents "would be here before now." Had my grandparents planned on visiting them before March of 1953? I wonder if they ever did get back to Long Island to pay Helen a visit.

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  1. Could Helen be someone who helped orchestrate the Websters' move to the US?

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Great question! I don't think so though because the Webster's sponsors lived in California where they were heading.Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jana, this postcard caught my eye when I was reading one of your other blogs. I just had to stop by here and see if there was any mention of exactly which harbor this might be. I grew up not far from there--although, as you can imagine from the name Long Island, there are many, many miles of waterfront on the North Shore from which this photograph might have been taken. Of course, by now, things must look so very different, but I'd still love to know...

    1. Hi Jacqi,

      I'm afraid I don't know the exact location of this harbor, but you're wish has been granted by Intense Guy, who left a comment below! =)

  3. The building in this postcard is Seymour's boat yard in Northport. The building was built in 1923 and still stands. The waterfront park is stilll there too. Northport has a deep water harbor like the one found in Port Jefferson.

    1. Hi Intense Guy,

      Thank you so much for answering Jacqi's question regarding where this harbor is on Long Island! I appreciate it!!


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