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Av. São João – São Paulo, Brasil

Av. Sao Jao, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Av. Sao Jao, Sao Paulo, Brazil

This is a picture postcard showing Avenida São João in São Paulo, Brasil. It was written to my mom. I've blurred the names of my mom and her cousin for privacy reasons.

The postcard is dated September 29, but unfortunately, there isn't a year included in the date. I know it was written after July of 1952, because that's when my mom and her family emigrated from Brazil to the United States. I've written about their immigration story in my genealogy blog, Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog.

The family traveled by ship, arrived in New York, bought a car and some camping equipment, and traveled across the United States toward their final destination in Southern California. Along the way, they took pictures and bought postcards. If you'd like to read about their trip, click HERE.

Transcription from back of postcard:
September, 29
This picture is to help you to do not forget me, and within a few days I'll write you a very big letter. Hoping you are all right. I close it with love to all of you,
from your cousin
What a sweet postcard!

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  1. It surprises me how much Sao Paulo looks like New York City.

    The message "do not forget me" captures the emotion many families must feel when members move away, especially when that move is such a distance that it's likely they will not see each other again.

    1. What a fun observation Wendy! And don't you love all of those old classic cars and what appears to be a cable car in this photo?

      It must have been so difficult to leave family behind in Brazil. Thankfully, many of my mom's family members decided to join them in America.

  2. Hi Jana, I'm nuts about old postcards what a treasure trove you must have in your files.

    Did you know that you can use them as overlays on your photos? Really easy and fun.


    1. Hi Jen,

      Yes, my grandparents collected quite a few postcards. And they really are wonderful treasures.

      I didn't know about using them as overlays on photos. Interesting. Thanks!


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