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Parlor, General U. S. Grant Home, Galena, Illinois

Parlor, General U.S. Grant Home - Galena, Illinois pg. 1

Parlor, General U.S. Grant Home - Galena, Illinois pg. 2

This is a genuine Curt Teich, "C.T. American Art" vintage postcard. It shows the parlor of the General U. S. Grant Home in Galena, Illinois.

Transcription from back of postcard:
The parlor in the General U. S. Grant home has the original horsehair covered walnut furniture that was in the home when given to the Grant family in 1865. The vases on the mantel are of Bohemian glass with miniature paintings, accurate in every detail, painted by a famous painter of that day. They were a gift to the General while on his world tour. This home is now a state memorial and open to the public daily. Admission free.
My grandparents, Debs and Willis Webster and their family, visited the General U. S. Grant home as they traveled across the United States from New York to California in 1952There are several vintage postcards of this historic home in my grandparents' collection.

If you'd like to learn more about the historic General U. S. Grant Home, click HERE.

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  1. Lovely room. I wonder if that furniture was considered "modern" in 1865. I'm surprised there were no drapes. Was that an accurate depiction of how Grant lived or a cost-cutting measure of the foundation?

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Huh...you are observant. I hadn't really noticed that there were no drapes in that room. I agree with you, it is a pretty room.


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