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Kitchen, General U. S. Grant Home ~ Galena, Illinois

Kitchen, General U.S. Grant Home - Galena, Illinois pg. 1

Kitchen, General U.S. Grant Home - Galena, Illinois pg. 2

This is a genuine Curt Teich "C.T. American Art" vintage postcard. It was published for Larey's in Galena, Illinois. The postcard shows the kitchen of the General U. S. Grant Home in Galena, Illinois.

My maternal grandparents and their family visited this historic home in 1952 on their way to Southern California. They emigrated from Brazil on July 7, 1952 and arrived in New York City on July 22, 1952. They bought a car and some camping equipment and traveled across the country toward their destination in Southern California. If you'd like to read about their immigration story, click

Transcription from back of postcard -

The kitchen in the General U. S. Grant home is furnished with typical furnishings of the 1865 period. The cook stove, the old iron type with warming oven, the iron kettles and earthenware are genuine antiques. The furniture is solid walnut. Bennington pitchers and English china dishes adorn the table and old fashioned cupboard.

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  1. I've been enjoying these postcards of Grant's home. That kitchen looks especially cozy. I guess your grandparents were really taken with this historic home as well, or maybe the postcards were just cheap ;-) HA!

    1. Thanks Wendy! My grandparents really did collect quite a few postcards from about this historic home. Maybe they were cheaper than buying film for their camera. Or, maybe they weren't allowed to take photos inside. Thanks for stopping by! =)


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