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Ocotillo In Bloom On The Desert

Ocotillo In Bloom On The Desert Pg. 1

Ocotillo In Bloom On The Desert Pg. 2

This vintage postcard was manufactured by the Longshaw Card Company of Los Angeles, California. I'm not sure what year this postcard was created. After doing research online, I've seen it dated sometime in the 1930s or the mid-20th century.

Transcription from back of postcard:

Ocotillo (candlewood), one of the oddest desert shrubs, is not a cactus despite its thorny "canes" which form the tall stems of this scarlet-tipped plant. The bark contains resin, gum and wax, and burns fiercely giving off intensely black smoke. The Cahuilla Indians eat both flowers and seeds.
Here is a photo of the Ocotillo plant.

Ocotillo in Phoenix, Arizona No Copyright Wikipedia
Ocotillo Plant in Phoenix, Arizona
Wikipedia - No Copyright

This photo (below) shows a close-up of one of the Ocotillo flowers. See the bee hovering above it?

Ocotillo-with-bee Wikimedia Commons Photo by Jeff Dean
Ocotillo Flower
Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Jeff Dean

To learn more about this plant, click HERE.

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  1. It has a pretty flower. And yeah, I'd have guessed incorrectly it was a cactus.

    1. I agree. The flower is quite pretty. It must be a sturdy plant to live in a desert, especially since it isn't a cactus. Thanks for stopping by!


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