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Home of General U. S. Grant ~ Galena, Illinois

General U. S. Grant Home, Galena, Illinois Postcard

General U. S. Grant Home, Galena, Illinois Postcard

This is a Curt Teich "C.T. American Art" vintage postcard. It is one of several postcards of the historic General U.S. Grant home in my grandparents' collection.

Transcription from back of postcard.
This home was built in 1857 by Alexander Jackson. Eight years later it was purchased by the City of Galena, furnished and presented to General U. S. Grant on his return from the Civil War. In 1904 the heirs of the Grant estate deeded it to the City as a memorial to their father. In 1932 it became a state memorial and is open to the public daily from 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. Admission Free.
My grandparents, Debs and Willis Webster and their family, visited this historic home as they traveled across the United States from New York to California in 1952. Below is a photo of the Webster family in front of the General U.S. Grant home.

91 - Webster Family in Front of General U.S. Grant Home Galena, Illinois 1952 Photoshopped

Here's a zoomed in view of the sign in front of the home.

91 - Webster Family in Front of General U.S Grant Home Sign Cropped

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  1. I love that their photo is taken from the same angle as the postcard picture. Judging by the apparent age of the trees and the presence of those flowers, the postcard must have been created about the same time as your grandparents' visit.

    1. You're so observant Wendy! I hadn't even noticed the photo was taken at the same angle as the postcard picture! How fun is that?!

      It's too bad there's not date code on this Curt Teich postcard. Usually, there is one that helps date it. Oh well.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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