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Angel Moroni Monument, Hill Cumorah, near Palmyra, New York

Angel Moroni Monument, Hill Cumorah, Palmyra, New York pg. 1 - 1947

Angel Moroni Monument, Hill Cumorah, Palmyra, New York pg. 2 1947

This is another beautiful vintage postcard that was found in my maternal grandpa's scrapbook from 1952. That scrapbook was filled with photos and postcards from his family's immigration trip to the United States.

This postcard is a 1947 Genuine Curt Teich "C.T. Art-Colortone postcard. It shows the Angel Moroni Monument  which is near Palmyra, New York.

Transcription of postcard description:
The Angel Moroni Monument, a forty foot granite and bronze structure which stands atop the Hill Cumorah, a large drumlin formation, near Palmyra, New York, was erected in 1935 at a cost of $30,000.
Near the monument in 1827 Joseph Smith, twenty-one years of age, received from the Angel, Moroni, a resurrected being, a record of the inhabitants of North and South America, ancestors of the people now known as the American Indians, and a record of Christ's Ministry in America.
My grandpa, Debs Webster, and his family joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Brazil in the early 1950's. They visited several LDS historic sites after they arrived in the United States in the summer of 1952. This monument was one of the places they visited. While they were there, they took photos of the family in front of this historic monument.

To learn more about the Hill Cumorah, where the Angel Moroni Monument stands, click HERE.

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  1. Your grandfather put together such a wonderful collection of post cards and photos "to match." The trip wasn't just a car ride from point A to point B but a pilgrimage, an expression of faith that he passed on to his family. Pretty darn cool.

    1. Yep! It is pretty awesome how my grandparents put together their 1952 scrapbook with photos and postcards. It's such a wonderful family history treasure! Thanks for stopping by!


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