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Jones Beach – Long Island, New York

Jones Beach, Long Island, New York

Jones Beach, Long Island, New York

This is a "Plastichrome" vintage postcard made by the Tomlin Art Company of Northport, Long Island, New York. It shows Jones Beach in Long Island, New York.

The postcard was sent to my grandfather, Debs Warren Webster, by Helen Edwards. I don't who Helen Edwards is and how she knew my grandfather. The year it was sent isn't very easy to see because of the placement of the postmark. I think it says 1953.

Written message on postcard:
My dear Folks: What has become of you all??? So long "no hear" Maybe I owe you a line; We are on the rush so much don't seem to be able to keep track of correspondence as I would like to. Pearl Nash said she had not heard from you, either. Let us hear, etc. & will write.
Love from Ray & Me, as ever
Helen Edwards
#1 Jetmore Place
Massapequa, L.I., N.Y.

I really like how my grandfather wrote "answered" on the postcard.

Description on back of Postcard:
Jones Beach, one of the state parks under the jurisdiction of the Long Island State Park Commission, is located near Wantagh on Long Island's South Shore, 33 miles from New York City. It is easily reached by car through direct connection with the Long Island parkways and by train and bus. Major attractions are surf, pool and bay bathing, dining, out-door dancing, the boardwalk, deck games, pitch-putt golf and playgrounds.

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  1. Oh, Jana, that is so nostalgic for me! I remember Jones Beach well, because I grew up in Massapequa! Of course, I don't remember that particular street name, so it must not have been near my neighborhood. Wouldn't that have been a coincidence?!

    I wonder if Helen's mention of that other name, Pearl Nash, would provide a clue in figuring out who these people were...

    1. Wow! You grew up in the same place as the person who sent this postcard? What an interesting coincidence!

      I did a quick Ancestry.com search for Helen and her husband and also Pearl Nash, but without more information about them i.e. their birth years, etc. it was difficult to know which result was the right result. Sigh....

      Thanks for stopping by Jacqi!

  2. I think it's funny she TYPED the post card message.

    1. Yep! Another postcard in my grandparents' collection that was typed. This one was sent by a different person though. I wonder why the two postcard senders decided to type their messages instead of hand writing them.

      Thanks for stopping by Wendy!


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