Wednesday, July 31, 2013

East Colorado Street, Pasadena, California

East Colorado Street, Pasadena, California Pg. 1

East Colorado Street, Pasadena, California Pg. 2

I love this 1949 Curt Teich Art-Colortone vintage postcard. Pictured is East Colorado Street (now called East Colorado Boulevard), which was and still is part of the parade route for the famous annual Tournament of Roses parade.

Transcription on back of postcard:
Colorado Street, Pasadena
The main business thoroughfare of this beautiful city. Lined with many fine shops, this avenue is famous as the scene of the annual Tournament of Roses parade, a floral pageant viewed by millions.
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  1. Except for the palm trees, the street reminds me of old downtown Portsmouth where I used to shop as a kid. Unfortunately downtown has gone down hill.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Portsmouth's downtown has gone down hill huh? That's too bad. (By the way, you have a way with words Wendy) Thanks for stopping by!


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